Thursday, April 23, 2015

More on Author Contracts

Getting a contract for a book is exciting, but you need to think about some things other than signing your name as fast as you can. This is not legal advice, talk to your lawyer for that. This is just things to think about before you sign.
How long is the contract? You may not be happy with the length in the long run. Two years is a long time when the publisher isn't doing promotion on your book. Seven years is an eternity. You could get an undergraduate and graduate degree in that amount of time.
Once you figure out how long your contract is, investigate what the terms are for ending your contract. When you figure that out, put an entry on your calendar a few weeks before the time to terminate so you don't miss it. And if the publisher changes the publication date on you, guess what, they've changed the termination date too. I missed one because of that.
Who has the rights to do the Audiobook? Once you sign away your right to do audiobooks, guess what? You have no real say in who gets hired to record your book. That means they could choose someone totally wrong. If you have no desire to produce your own audio book then ignore those rights, but if you might want to do audio then don't let the publisher have those rights. You might be asking how much doing an audiobook costs. For a 50,000 word book it will be around $1250 to $1700 depending on the price per hour the narrator is charging. So keep that in mind too.
Most publishers are not going to advertise your book. You need to be realistic about how many copies are going to sell without any advertisement. If you have one book out, it probably isn't going to break sales records. Your book might be the next big thing, but it could be a flop. Understand the limitations of the publisher you are going with and the reason why you think you need a publisher.
Here are a couple of articles that touch on other information.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Limelight is out!

Limelight is out now at Amazon!

Some dream of fame and fortune, but it isn't always everything one might think it will be. It doesn't matter what entertainment industry you're in, you have to sacrifice, and when it comes to love, well that brings on a million other issues. 

Inside you'll find three stories about men in the limelight. They worked hard to gain the fame they've found, but in doing so, they all have longed for one thing — Love. Some things might come easy for these men, but when it comes to sharing their hearts, things are never simple and either are the men they desire.

Time Gone By by E.M. Leya

Jon is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. The fame and fortune he has is like nothing he ever imagined, but he left behind the only man he'd ever loved to achieve it. 

Wyatt thought he'd put the past behind him and moved on, focusing on his career as he hides the truth about himself from those who are closest to him. Why should he risk his family and friends with being honest when his only reason left town six years ago? 

When fate throws the two men together again, they are forced to confront things from the past that they both don't want to admit, but the passion and desire for each other is stronger than ever, proving that no matter how much time has gone by, the heart knows what it wants.

Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris by H.L. Holston & Eleanor Bruce

Dante Moretti has a big problem. His acting career has hit the skids and he's desperate to land the lead role in the next Hollywood blockbuster. It’s his last chance to get back on the superstar track.

But, his personal life is a train wreck. No sane director will work with him any longer. Solution? Bribe his best friend and former co-star, Chris Parker to play the role of his long-term boyfriend. Showing the world he’s in a committed relationship will hopefully convince casting agents he’s reformed, stable and trustworthy.

Even if it’s a lie.

What Dante doesn’t count on is the public’s reaction to the announcement that Chris and he are a couple…and his own feelings for Chris spiraling out of control. 

Under the merciless cameras of the paparazzi, Dante is forced to choose--his leading man status or the man he thought was just his best friend. Who ever thought that pretending to be in love would be this hard?

Center Stage by Sara York

Country music is Slade Pepper’s first love and he can’t walk away from the stage, but being gay and in country music doesn’t allow him to have a personal life. Slade takes the month off to decompress and search his soul. He meets Corbin Branford and can’t say no to a passion filled night. One night turns into more, but Corbin has no idea who Slade is, and Slade tries to keep it that way...until a fan blows his cover. Corbin is angry enough to leave, but Slade Pepper won’t give up without a fight.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

A.L. Lamb and Stay With Me

I love introducing new authors. A.L. Lamb has her first standalone book out and I asked her to post on my blog. I hope you enjoy her story. You can pick up Stay With Me at Amazon.

Here is A.L. own words.

Publishing my story "Stay With Me" is a dream come true for me, and I cannot thank you enough because whenever I was disheartened and you encouraged me to keep writing.

I was deeply moved by your "A Southern Thing" series and I remember after reading the first three stories, I followed the news about GLBT community more carefully.

As you know I love the happy stories on "intergaycial" and regularly share their posts on Facebook. I also share and post the sad news from the media about how the gay community is marginalized as well. Reading these happy and sad events inspired me to write my story to show my support.

Joseph and Curtis in “Stay With Me” are dear to my heart because they also represent the neighbors from next door for me. I wanted to write the stories of people we pass on the street and write about these individuals loving someone with all their quirks, and humanness. Curtis is that person. He is slightly overweight, introvert and a little insecure about his body shape because of his previous experience. He worked hard and lived  an honest life, whereas Joseph was a  very unhappy waiter who feels despair about the life he is living. I wanted to dream a happy ending story for them.

Since the story is published, I had little sleep and keep sitting in front of my laptop to stare at my amazon page like it was the first time I saw it. It is an amazing experience!!!  This weekend felt like another Xmas to me and I keep praying Santa (the readers) will give me wonderful and constructive reviews.   :)

Thank you again for all your encouragement.

The Blurb: It has been weeks since Curtis first saw the young waiter with the haunted eyes. No matter how often he went to the cafĂ© watching him and to find the right opportunity to introduce himself, that moment simply did not come. Joseph was aware of the gentle giant who quietly came to have his lunch and then left. Fearing his father’s wrath and under his ever watchful eyes, he made no moves nor overtures. Until one day…

Excerpt: “…Curtis noticed the cute waiters blushing cheeks, so he asked quietly, Would you like to meet me for coffee one day? He felt nervous and unsure, but at the same time was praying that the man would agree to meet him.

            For a few moments, the waiter stood frozen with a deer caught in the headlights look in his eyes. He looked intently at Curtiss face, then seemed to come to some kind of decision and nodded his head. Yes, I would like that. Curtis noticed the way the waiter turned quickly towards the old man, who was taking orders from a customer, before continuing, Ill be back, and walking away…”

Make sure to get Stay With Me at Amazon.

Friday, February 27, 2015

It's all about Falling Hard

Meet two champion bull riders--macho, muscled Marlboro Men, confident, cocksure cowboys--from their struggle for survival in the rodeo arena, and 8 seconds of fame on the back of a 2000 lb bull to their most private encounters behind closed doors where their world is about to explode…

Levi Bond is a seasoned pro, competing for the World Championship. Bull riding is what gets his adrenaline pumping, his heart racing, and makes him feel like a million bucks. That, and the idea of getting it on with Curt Walsh, one of the up and coming stars of the bull riding circuit.  Powerfully attracted, Curt’s confused and unsure which way he wants his life to go. Will Levi still be around, available and interested when the final decision is made?  

Get set for a wild ride in this cowboy romance, sizzling with intense desire, unbridled passion, and unexpected emotion as Levi and Curt, drawn together like mega magnets, battle not only life threatening, white knuckled action in the arena, but cruelty and bias outside it. The prospect of falling in love is as terrifying as staying on the bull without it killing them!

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Theory Unproven by Lillian Francis


Working with elephants in their natural habitat has always been Eric Phillips dream. Getting what he’s always desired introduces him to Tyaan Bouwer, the bush pilot that flies in his supplies, and Eric discovers the allure of South Africa goes beyond the wildlife and the scenery.
But in an area where bushveld prejudices and hatred bleed across the borders, realising their love will be a hard fought battle. Keeping hold of it might just kill them.

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Lillian Francis
An avid reader, Lillian Francis was always determined she wanted to write, but a 'proper' job and raising a family distracted her for over a decade. Over the years and thanks to the charms of the Internet, Lillian realized she’d been writing at least one of her characters in the wrong gender. Ever since, she’s been happily letting her ‘boys’ run her writing life.
Lillian now divides her time between family, a job and the numerous men in her head all clamouring for 'their' story to be told.
Lillian lives in an imposing castle on a wind-swept desolate moor or in an elaborate ‘shack’ on the edge of a beach somewhere depending on her mood, with the heroes of her stories either chained up in the dungeon or wandering the shack serving drinks in nothing but skimpy barista aprons.
In reality, she would love to own a camper van and to live by the sea.
You can read more about Lillian here:

Pinterest and my hissy fit
Theory Unproven is the first story I’ve written where I have used Pinterest as a writing tool. Finding a place to store random photographs has been more useful than I would have imagined. I don’t have to take up space on my hard drive storing photos of planes and wildlife or try to remember where I saved the bookmark of the style of hat that Tyaan wears. On Pinterest the photos have links that can take me back to the original site should I need to revisit some information that I forgot and they are all collected in the same place. If I want to remind myself that the type of antelope I have at the watering hole can be found in that part of South Africa I pin a map and then pin a photo of that animal to remind me what it looks like. Job done.
And once you start to add things to your board Pinterest will send you links to things that might interest you, things you might not even have considered that could help your storytelling. It also tells you when other people have pinned one of your pins to their boards. And this is where my hissy fit comes in. I’ve attached the link for your reading pleasure if you want to see me have a mini meltdown (in the most reserved and English of ways). You have no control over where people pin things, I understand that, but to see the magnificent Bushbuck pinned to a board titled Hunting made me angry. (I know I talk about eating antelope in another post but Bushbuck are hunted mainly for their hide.)
If you want to browse my Pinterest page you’ll find it here.
Do you use Pinterest or other tools to help your writing/reading/hobbies?
Johan turned to his boyfriend. “I guess we can cross the plus-one off his invite. There’s no way he’ll have a boyfriend by next year, and he’s not bringing some one-night stand to my wedding.”
“Wedding?” Tyaan grinned, as much at Jessie’s excited squeal as the revelation itself. “That’s great news. As if I’d bring a casual hook-up to such an important event. Jessie and I will come together.”
“What if Jessie wants to use her plus-one?” Johan asked, fixing Tyaan with another of those looks.
“There isn’t anyone. Is there, Jess?”
“What?” Jessie stilled in her seat. “Umm. No.”
“Unless you want to take that ex of yours from the hospital?”
“A lot can happen in a year. We’ll see nearer the time. Yeah?” She grinned and clapped her hands together. “A wedding! I need details. And champagne.”
Tyaan called for a bottle of champagne and a jug of orange juice—he had a plane to fly in a few hours—and let the wedding chatter wash over him. His eyes fell on the joined hands of Johan and his, well, his fiancĂ©. That sounded so grown-up. They were getting older, each and every one of them. He let his gaze slide up to the smiling face of his oldest friend and felt a sharp tug in his chest.
For all their fooling around, he’d never loved Johan, not as anything other than a friend, but there was no denying the feeling making his stomach churn could be attributed to jealousy.
He wanted someone to look at him in that way, but Johan was right, unless he turned his world upside down, that dream would never become a reality.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Storming Love: RJ Scott

Seth Wild is a fire fighter who has lost everything. Nearly dying in a building collapse, he is scared and angry and chases away the only good thing in his life—school teacher Casey McGuire.

When a sudden and violent snow storm hits their town he receives a message Casey and ten kids are trapped in an education center with no way out. There is no one else who can help, he’s the last fire fighter in town with his bum leg and his icy heart.

He doesn’t hesitate. He always promised he would be Casey’s hero, but will he ever again be Casey’s love?

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About RJ

RJ Scott has been writing since age six, when she was made to stay in at lunchtime for an infraction involving cookies. She was told to write a story and two sides of paper about a trapped princess later, a lover of writing was born.

As an avid reader herself, she can be found reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror. However, her first real true love will always be the world of romance where she takes cowboys, bodyguards, firemen and billionaires (to name a few) and writes dramatic and romantic stories of love and passion between these men.

With over seventy titles to her name and counting, she is the author of the award winning book, The Christmas Throwaway. She is also known for the Texas series charting the lives of Riley and Jack, and the Sanctuary series following the work of the Sanctuary Foundation and the people it protects.

Her goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.  (some NSFW (not safe for work) photos)


He pushed the door shut against the howling wind and snow and stamped off his feet coming face to face with a terrified looking probie.

“We have school kids and a teacher trapped up at Shorefields,” Seth snapped out. Probie blinked at him. He recalled the guy’s name was Evan or Eben or something. And it seemed like Evan/Eben was in complete panic mode and meltdown. He glanced worriedly from side to side, like some kind of divine intervention was going to answer Seth’s statement.

“There’s no one here,” Evan/Eben said.

Seth waited for a second then exasperated that there wasn’t more of an immediate reaction he pushed past Evan/Eben and into the main area. Both trucks gone.

“I said, they’re not here, ladder one didn’t come back in from the interstate, and engine two went out to Middleton Springs. There’s been a building collapse. It’s just me.”

Seth rounded on the guy and was so close he could see the panic in blue eyes.

“Get on to other stations and call this in—“

“I can't. Sir, we have nothing. No comms, no Internet, nothing.”

“Give me a sitrep. What’s your name? Evan? Eben?” Seth ordered.

The probie blinked at him then visibly pulled himself together. He was new since Seth had been put on leave. He’d had training, but this was probably his first real situation.

“Evan sir, Evan Pritchard. Uhmmm… Both engines out, reports of major incidents, last said the storm has taken out power. I’m alone here…” He paused. “And sir, I’m not sure what to do.”

Seth considered what he’d been told. Ten kids, Casey, Shorefields, trapped in the bus, which meant they had maybe managed to get away from Shorefields itself and had no way of getting back. He doubted they were set for extreme weather.

“Okay. I want you here. You’re not to leave and you’re to keep your eyes on comms, see if we can get more intel. I need supplies in a bag from the kitchen, water, energy bars.”

“What are you going to do?”

Seth looked directly at him. Evan needed to know where he was going. “There’s a bus load of kids trapped up at Shorefields and I’m going to help. I’m taking the Land Rover.”

He didn’t leave room for discussion, simply presented the facts a done deal. He should wait for a team, for backup, but there was nothing stopping him from getting to Jamie and the kids. And Casey.

“Yes, sir.”

They split, Seth checking the truck he was going to use, a modified vehicle capable of getting through most of the shit life could throw at it. It was equipped with most of the things he could need. Then as an afterthought, he grabbed coats from the supply room. He knew the kids would be dressed warm. After all, the whole day had been a winter experience in a beautiful place.

He was supposed to be there with Casey. He’d said he was staying at home. Time is not right to start thinking I’ve fucked up.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

Recently, a few individuals who wanted to cause problems have targeted members of the gay community, and supporters of equality. They have gone on a rampage, reporting photos and threatening people. Michael Stokes, a photographer out of Los Angeles, California, was targeted by an individual and told that she would “ruin him” because he posts artistic photos of male models. If you go to any museum, or even walk past most museums of fine art, and you would see more of the human body than you do on the photos Mr. Stokes posts. Yes, we all know Facebook has community standards, however Facebook’s standards are double standards, allowing abusive photographs of women, pornography of women, images depicting women in demeaning situations, and other abuses to stay on the site and yet photos of two men fully dressed but kissing are deleted. Do you really want to be known as the company that supports abuse towards women and gay men? Thirty years from now, when your granddaughter (if you have one) is looking back at the company her grandfather created, do you want to be known as the man who allowed abuse to foster and grow? Maybe you don’t care about women, and you think it’s funny that groups on Facebook support the exploitation of women, I don’t know, but based on which posts are deleted and which posts are allowed to stay I’d have to say that maybe you are that type of man and history will show the truth, depicting you not as a great man who united the world, but a person who encouraged the abuse of women and gay men.

I implore you to stop allowing the abuses to continue. Mr. Stokes was threatened then kicked off Facebook because an individual who is homophobic chose to “ruin” him. Abusers of the system are rewarded and the people they are attacking are harmed. I see it on a weekly basis on Facebook, where some crazy homophobic person finds and reports authors of gay literature, photographers who make a study of the male form, gay performers, and others who support equality. Stop allowing the abuse to continue. The double standard is unfair, and it supports abuse towards women and gay men. Please stop the abuse. Stop allowing people who habitually report clean gay images and images of the male form from trying to “ruin” good people who are working to foster equality.

Sara York